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[2.17 GB] 4K – 4K Marlboro Chain Smoking – Kira Star (2160×3840)

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12:07 min Full Video – 4K Marlboro Chain Smoking Leaked Video Custom Clip: You can wear whatever you like. Jeans are absolutely fine. Makeup can also be minimal – although I do like a goth look. Thats not essential though. For the clip, I’d like to see you smoke naturally – no wafts or anything. Just good hard drags, deep inhales – good if I could hear you inhale – nice cone exhales with a few nose exhales and smoke rings thrown in. You seem to snap inhale naturally and these are a huge favorite of mine, so plenty snap inhales please. The look I am after is hard hungry smoking as if you hadn’t had a cig for a while. Two cigs in a row please. A side/profile view with good backlighting to highlight the smoke would also be good. And would also be lovely if the lighting could highlight residual smoke coming from your nose after the main exhale.

Clip Contains: smoking, smoker, cigarette, femdom, redhead, custom.   

4K resolution not recommended for playback on old/slow pc, laptop, smartphone. – Kira Star Leaks Free Download