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[2.10 GB] FHD – Chameleon Goddess FHD – Kira Star (1080×1920)

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27:47 min Full Video – Chameleon Goddess FHD Leaked Video Custom Clip: Kira is a Chameleon Woman – While smoking a white cigarette. Kira Star wears 5 different colors of the following metallic jumpsuit with zipper. Kira may snap her fingers when the colors change, if she wants, appearing suddenly with a new color. It is just a smoking, posing and teasing video. If possible, wear black or silver high heel sandals – the type that let the top of the feet and the toes appearing. Please, for one time, in closeup, tap your sandals heels with a short black whip.

Clip Contains: smoking, smoker, cigarette, femdom, redhead, shoes, heels, whip, custom. – Kira Star Leaks Free Download