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[151.26 MB] FHD – DISSING UR DOMME WHILE U JERK – PREVIEW – Faith Eros (1080×1920)

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02:13 min Full Video – DISSING UR DOMME WHILE U JERK – PREVIEW Leaked Video Hey, you – piggy face! I heard that you are UNHAPPY with your current domme. You believe you did a MISTAKE by picking her up. Well, it’s easily changeable. Pay me TRIPLE of what you paid to her and I might accept you as my MONEY SLAVE. I have to admit that working for me is pretty hard and exhausting as I want to build up my SLAVE CORPORATION. Although your JOURNEY with me will be adventurous and exciting. What I need from you is to be my ANGEL and to SPONSOR those journeys. I mean I need INVESTORS for my SLAVE CORPORATION. Invest in my BUTT and you will never be able to PART with it! You know … your current domme is being LAZY with your MONEY and I will put your money to WORK. I don’t like it when money are being dormant. JERK in this forest … somewhere there in the grass. Don’t worry we are here alone! Nobody will see your LOSER COCK. It’s bad when you hold SPERM inside your BALLS. It will make your cock ache … RELEASE it for your GODDESS FAITH EROS and CHEAT your domme with me. MONEY CHEAT on her. I can leave your DICK for her but I’m taking your WALLET. Now all her FUTURE MONEY belong to me. You are so WEAK for my BODY and ONLINE IMAGE that you even won’t have a 2nd thought to LEAVE her. She DESERVES that! She just wants a paypig and I want a corporation of paypigs working for me. It’s a perfect time to join while I’m still taking slaves onboard. Later on it will be very complicated to get NOTICED by me – you will have to REPEAT EMINEM’S song “STAN” but that would be too late. “Dear Goddess “I’m Too Good To Call Or Write My Slaves” This will be the last package I ever send your ass It’s been six months and still no word, I don’t deserve it? I know you got my last two letters, I wrote the addresses on ’em perfect” Hahahahahaha ……

FULL VIDEO is available here OR here – Faith Eros Leaks Free Download