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[1.56 GB] FHD – Locked Up by Batgirl – Cali Logan (1080×1920)

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21:35 min Full Video – Locked Up by Batgirl Leaked Video In this Superheroine Fantasy you will find the following scenario…

This is not a fetish video. You have not been doing well for a long time. You are perverted, constantly masturbating and getting older. You are very insecure. You need to be controlled. You need to be locked up, and kept in a secure environment. Prison would be the safest place for you. You agreed turning yourself in to Batgirl, and here I am all dressed up now.

Batgirl turns around, showing off her body. Don’t worry. Once I have you in my custody, I will make sure that prison officials take good care of you while you’re locked up. You will feel more secure about yourself and less of a loser.

Now carefully follow my instructions to restrain yourself. I want you ready quiet and clean. No leaking of any fluids. All your holes need to be blocked and sealed. I don’t want to catch your germs. After we get you tied up, I’ll arrange for you to be put in jail.

You were asked to get these things:
1) medical grade tape,
2) butt plug
3 latex body suit
4) A leather shackle belt
5) set of handcuffs

Ready? OK stand up! First, I want you to tape your mouth and jaw really well to get a good seal.

Next, lube up that butt plug and plug your bun. Get it all the way in.

Next get that latex suit on. It fits tight to restrict your movement and keeps that plug in place. Make sure your all zipped up.

Next, take the leather belt and wrap it around your middle nice and snug, Fasten the buckle, and make sure the metal loop is in front of you.

Next, unlock the handcuffs and pass them through the loop.

Next, cuff each wrist tightly so they cannot come off anymore. Check that they are secure. You can pause the video if you need to. Actually, I’ll let you remove the cuffs one last time to masturbate.

After that, the cuffs go back on and flush the keys down the toilet. Go ahead jerk off. I want you to repeat after me: “I am a looser that deserves to be locked up….I am a pervert that belongs in jail”

This clip runs 15 minutes long and includes femdom pov, interactive femdom, humiliation, joi, cosplay, superheroine, cosplay.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website*** – Cali Logan Leaks Free Download