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[965.61 MB] FHD – Choose ur own path Clip 1 – Princess Lexi (1080×1920)

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13:54 min Full Video – Choose ur own path Clip 1 Leaked Video This makes up the first part of a “choose your own path” series. At the end of each clip you will be given 2 options, depending on your choice it will lead to your next option (I will make it clear in each description which option belongs to which choice).

Summary of clip 1:
You are a student in my university and I see some untapped potential for you. I want to make you a more diligent student, helping you to make the right decisions and sacrifices to reach your maximum potential…. and pleasure. To convince you to go along with my plan, I finger myself, tease you and squirt for you, leaving you wanting more.

At the end of our meeting I give you 2 choices:
Option 1 (Clip 2.1.) Obey me and allow me to train you
Option 2 (clip 2.2) Walk away and have no memory of what just happened. I tell you, however, that we will meet again when and how you least expect it (has a role play element in the following clips) – Princess Lexi Leaks Free Download