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[1.76 GB] 4K – Facefucked and pegged by Mommy – Sarah Calanthe (2160×3840)

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12:23 min Full Video – Facefucked and pegged by Mommy Leaked Video Mommy has had a long, stressful day and needs a bit of a release. That’s why I came to see you. When I’m feeling this way I know I can take out my stress on you. You’re a good boy who takes whatever mommy gives you. Today I feel like using you with my strap-on. Oh no, no need to turn around yet. I’ll get to fucking your little asshole eventually but right now mommy wants to face fuck you. You’re going to be a good boy and take it all the way down your throat. Drop to your knees and wrap your lips around it. I decide how fast it fucks and I decide how deep it goes down your throat. You wanted to be mommy’s little slut? This is what it takes. You better always be ready to please mommy when she stops by with her strap-on. Get my cock nice and wet for that asshole of yours. Lay back and spread those cheeks. That’s what a good boy does for mommy. – Sarah Calanthe Leaks Free Download