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12:27 min Full Video – Friendzoned Locktober Lock In 2022 Leaked Video It’s time, bestie! It is finally time to lock up your beta friendzoned dick for all of Locktober. It will finally allow you to focus on what really matters, pleasing your hot bratty best friend with your money and devotion. It is particularly shameful for you because I tease and laugh at you the entire time. Something about continually pounding your spirit into the ground is just really funny to me, LOL! I am as cruel as I am cute.

You could never be anything more than my friendzoned simp so having a dick doesn’t make any sense for you. You will lock your horny beta dick in a chastity cage for all of Locktober just because I said so. You are such a pussy free simp that you can never say no to your dream girl even though I friendzoned you. I have you wrapped around my bratty little finger.

LOL! OMG! Even just talking about it has made your pathetic horny dick hard! Too bad for you, you already had your last cum. You are going to have to shove it in there for me. I don’t care how uncomfortable it is. Do it for your giggly best friend.

If you are enrolled in my Friendzoned Locktober program, there is a fun task at the end for good besties!

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