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08:56 min Full Video – Dumb Moron Leaked Video How have you managed to get this far in life being as fucking stupid as you are? You are really fucking dumb. You look confused all of the time, because you are! There has to be something wrong with you, do you have some undiagnosed learning disability? You’d have to, because normal people aren’t this fucking stupid. Life must be really hard because you’re that dumb. One person cannot be this stupid, well, you’d think it wasn’t possible, but apparently it is. Maybe you were dropped on your head.

I bet I can convince you of anything, dumb people are so easy to manipulate. I could tell you that I am your friend and that I like you and friends help each other out. Since I am your friend you should send me money, just keep sending it, that’s what friends do! I can look at you and smile and say whatever the fuck I want, no matter how mean, and you just go along with it because you don’t know any better. – GoddessJessiBelle Leaks Free Download