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[3.36 GB] 4K – Making you wear panties. Sissification – kristinaxxx (2160×3840)

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19:09 min Full Video – Making you wear panties. Sissification Leaked Video I know that you are a sissy slut. But you hide it from other people and are afraid to accept it. Today I will help you with accept your nature by taking the first step of sissification. You should start your journey with wearing cute panties. Get rid of men underwear and buy cute pink lace panties and thongs. Wear them always, when you go to work, when you go out with friends etc… It’s so hot when you wear cute panties under a formal office suit because it proves you that even though you manrain a lifestyle of a normal decent man, deep inside you are a sissy slut and you can’t go against your nature. I instruct you how toh should choose panties, with which panties you should start the journey of sissification and which panties should be your desired goal which you pursue. I show you examples of panties to give you samples of what you should get. I talk about each of them and about how you would feel while wearing them. Be a good sissy and follow my guide.

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