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[417.04 MB] FHD – Friends With Benefits Body Inflation – Weird Wood (1080×1920)

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11:05 min Full Video – Friends With Benefits Body Inflation Leaked Video You and Wood are friends with benefits and always get up to really kinky shenanigans! She loves to inflated you up with her air pump and hose, sticking the hose up your ass and turning your body into a fullsize balloon. And today isn’t any different. You’ve gotten together to get yourself inflated again. The last couple of times Wood inflated you so big that you were afraid you were going to pop, but she made sure it didn’t happen. She talks lowly in your ear about all the things she wants to do to you, how she loves to get you so big and inflated — to the point where you feel like you’re about to pop. She wants to do that again today, and you oblige. You start to inflate and grow bigger and bigger and this just makes Wood that much more excited. She rubs on your belly, and then on your dick. She loves the way you get so hard when you get inflated like this, and she begins to jerk you off. Not content for you to get all the pleasure, she rubs her pussy on your big inflated gut and then rides your dick as you grow bigger and bigger! She continues to get you off until you grow so big your belly is brushing the ceiling! Your skin is so taut and you’re afraid you’re about to pop, but not before Wood makes you cum first! She wants to overstimulate you, and as soon as you cum you POP right after!

A super sensual full body inflation audio all about Wood having her way with you by inflating you up and getting you off. Contains tons of descriptive imagery of the sights, feelings, and sounds of getting so inflated, with a sexy almost-whisper in your ear of all the things she wants to do with you. Ends in you cumming and popping, with sound effects! Inflation & popping fans def don’t wanna miss this! – Weird Wood Leaks Free Download