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[1.72 GB] 4K – PSYCHOSEXUAL SUBJUGATION – payivygrey (2160×3840)

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23:51 min Full Video – PSYCHOSEXUAL SUBJUGATION Leaked Video Calmness spreads through your body as My voice enters your system. As your breathing slows down, so does your ability to think. Your desire to think shrinks as I start to think for you. You feel compelled to gaze deeper into My warm chestnut brown eyes. As you fall into My eyes you sink into a sea of relaxation. The muscles in your body relax more with every breath you take. You feel so tired you could fall a rest right now. My voice flips the switch to your consciousness OFF and unlocks your subconscious. I help you drift far from reality and reach a state of deep rest. Almost insensible, I lull you into a deeeep daydream. You have been waiting for another chance to be My living zombie. Dropping deeper is easy when you are falling into My dreamy eyes. Spiral as your soft cock grows HARD and starts to leak under My control. You have never felt more stupid and weak in your life. Watch this clip after you have watched all of My induction and trigger clips. Wear earbuds or headphones and dim the lights too, drone. – payivygrey Leaks Free Download