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[2.29 GB] 4K – Defeated And Humiliated Slave – Meanasianwife (2160×3840)

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01:31:32 hours Full Video – Defeated And Humiliated Slave Leaked Video My slave lacked the energy to do his duties lately, so he needed to get a little beating and show him who is the boss in the house. But that’s not all – he had inappropriate comments about my clothes – pink neon stockings with white sports shoes? So what??

This time, you will also see some face-slapping throughout the whole video as he really pissed me off with his comments about my clothes.

First, I overpowered him, sat on his face, and slapped him silly. I continue to do so for a bit because I know how much he hates facesitting and how humiliated he feels, especially when I’m wearing these clothes.

After he inhaled a bit of air from my pussy, I tied him up, stood up, and put my neon pink foot on his face – feeling a little already? How about a slap?

Then, I decided to relax in front of the TV for a while, so I put a chair above him, sat down, and let my poor slave (footstool) inhale my feet – first in stockings, later also bare feet. And to never forget the smell and taste of my feet; I also told him to start kissing them. When I didn’t see enough passion, I slapped him.

After my slave was belittled enough already, I removed the chair and finished his humiliation with facesitting (this time, he was tied up). Hopefully, for him, he will come to his sense and listen to me next time. – Meanasianwife Leaks Free Download