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14:22 min Full Video – Nurse Prescribes More Gooning Leaked Video I talked to the Doctor, and she said you are the most hopeless gooner she has ever seen. There is no cure for a case as bad as yours. Your porn addiction has taken over and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. The only remaining treatment is to goon even more.

Since there is no hope for recovery, the doctor decided to send me in. I am a service the hospital offers to cases as drastic as yours. First, you have to get naked for me and we will measure your dick. Gooning is known to shrink it, so we will keep detailed notes on the decreasing size and post them outside the door so anyone can read them and laugh at you. Then, I will laugh at and humiliate you while I tease you with my sexy bratty body while you goon and I observe you. I need to be sure you are doing your treatment correctly after all. You will have to come in once a week for the rest of your life to receive this treatment. The best part is, the more you goon for me, the easier you are for me to totally take advantage of you. Gooners like you are so dumb and eager to please.

Obviously, a service this special is NOT covered by insurance, LOL! You will have to pay handsomely out of pocket to goon for the hottest nurse you’ve ever seen. But you don’t care about that at all, do you gooner? Of course not, you already have your wallet ready to pay so you can be part of this experimental gooning procedure.

Ready, dumb gooner? Let’s begin…

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