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11:43 min Full Video – Sorority Brat Takes Your Virginity Leaked Video I’m a hot freshman brat, pledging the most popular sorority on campus and you can’t believe your luck. You never thought you’d get a date with me; much less be invited back to my place. I’m being super flirty and very clearly progressing toward sex when I suddenly ask if you’re a virgin. You’re shy but admit it. I reveal that part of getting into the sorority is to take someone’s virginity.

You’re embarrassed but still excited to have sex with a super hot girl. So, you do it when I tell you to take off your pants. That’s when things get really bad. You’re already rock hard, and it’s the tiniest little cock I’ve ever seen. I can’t help but laugh at you. No wonder you’re a virgin!

You go to pull your pants up, but I won’t let you. I HAVE to get a picture of this. I take out my phone and snap a few while I humiliate you. My sorority girls NEED to see this to believe it! Don’t worry, I’m not posting them publicly! Just in the girls’ group chat! When I’m done, I tell you to close your eyes.

“You still want to lose your virginity don’t you, loser?”

You do, so you obey. A few seconds later I tell you to open them, and I’m wearing a giant strap-on.

“What’s the matter, loser? Not what you had in mind? Did you really think a gorgeous girl like me would fuck a tiny little dicklet like that? You better take it, or I will post those pictures I took EVERYWHERE. You’re going to help me get into this sorority whether you want to or not. Now bend over, bitch.”

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