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[1.96 GB] 4K – Babysitter makes you ejaculate fast – kristinaxxx (2160×3840)

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11:13 min Full Video – Babysitter makes you ejaculate fast Leaked Video The basic idea: sexy babysitter teases horny small boy with a kind of reassuring/gentle tone, sort of a tone of pity. I am a loving and supportive babysitter, in other words. Details: I roleplay as your babysitter. I’ve been babysitting you, a small boy (technically an adult, but short and scrawny and timid). I tell you how much I love babysitting shy little boys like you. I love how you are so short that your head is at the level of my boobs, so you can’t stop staring at them. I think it’s cute hard your tiny little dick gets for my big boobs. I feel flattered from how excited you get for me. I think it’s cute watching you stare up at my with a little boner, begging me to give you one of my expert cock massages. The first part of the clip is me jiggling and bouncing my boobs and talking about how hard your little dick is getting and how a precum stain is forming on your pants and getting bigger and bigger. I tell you that it’s OK that you are helplessly quivering and leaking cum for me; I am well aware that little boys like you often have a hard time controlling themselves around taller busty girls like me. Finally I take pity on you and rub your little dick paying special attention to the sensitive little tip, massaging it with my fingers and thumb. I put it between my big boobs and make you cum quickly.

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