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18:48 min Full Video – Doctor Sissy Training Leaked Video Your mother and I talked and I found out you haven’t been following your previous plan. She had no idea about it! She told me how ashamed she is of you: your tiny cock, you wear her panties, you watch gay porn, you’re a mama’s boy, and much more. We came up with a plan that you MUST follow. I hand you a pair of mommy’s panties with daddy’s cum in it. I put on latex gloves and unbutton my lab coat. I show you how to use a chasity cage and tell you that you must put it on and lock away that tiny cock. I will give your mother the key so she controls your cock and I recommend she lock you away 24/7. You put the cage on and we lock it up, the key in my coat pocket for now. I pull out a pair of girly panties for you to wear and talk about other sissy items like pantyhose and babydolls. These are what you are to wear from now on! I remove my coat and start showing off my body. I strip naked and insert a butt plug, talking about how I love big cocks and big butt plugs in my ass. I show off my naked body with the butt plug, wearing only gloves. I get a big, 12 inch dildo and start riding it. THIS is a real cock! THIS actually pleases a woman! I end up squirting from the inches I can fit inside. I return in different lingerie and different colour latex gloves. I am now wearing a strap-on with the 12 inch dildo attached to me. I roll a condom on the big, 12 inch cock and instruct you to suck my strap on cock. I then instruct you to bend over and take my cock in your ass. You are such a good sissy boy! I remove the strap on and have you on your knees. I finger myself still wearing the purple rubber gloves, I squirt all over your face. Lick my pussy clean! Swallow all of my squirt! Good boy. We finish by going over the doctor’s plan for you to be a good sissy: wear sissy clothes like girl lingerie, stay locked up 24/7, keep a butt plug in your ass, and I hand you a condom full of cum. This is your first dose, I wrote you a prescription and you are to swallow cum every single day from now on! – AnnaBubbly Leaks Free Download