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[1.56 GB] FHD – Gooner Reprogramming – Clarabelle Woods (1080×1920)

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11:06 min Full Video – Gooner Reprogramming Leaked Video You have become a complete and utter slave to you cock, a total gooning freak and I’m not even going to try to fix you. No, you’re too far gone and too much of a horny little monster to come back from that one. Instead, I’m going to program you into a goonbot that’s more to my liking. If you’re going to be up all night, stroking ceaselessly, you might as well be stroking to me. Already your little cock twitches when you hear my voice, already you respond to the triggers I’m implanting in your silly, submissive brain. Before you know it, I’m in control of your cock…and whoever controls your cock, controls you too.

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