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[296.41 MB] FHD – Foot slave earns eternal debt – Maria Jade (1080×1920)

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03:24 min Full Video – Foot slave earns eternal debt Leaked Video NEW CLIP! “Disobedient Foot slave earns eternal debt”
Mistress Maria is recording a session with a little foot slave. Lately, He Has been begging and begging for his moment to be her pathetic little foot bitch and Maria is going to teach him a lesson for talking too much and being a needy little bitch.
Fanboy is so obsessed with her feet, that he is even cheating on his wife just to have Mistress Marias soft, delicious soles and toes. His mouth to soon be filled with Mistress Marias Perfect Feet, will surely make him shut up! Maria commands him on what to do. Suck, lick and SHUT THE FUCK UP. Some fan boys deserve exactly what they want, to c h o k e on perfection. So, Maria Shuts him up by sliding his tongue then his whole mouth up and down her foot, face fucking him. Little cheating foot bitch loves to get handled LOL . When Maria asks her foot bitch “what do you say?” He responds with a request, instead of Appreciation. How pathetic that he has to beg for feet! Maria is not impressed ,so now it’s time to take it up a notch on this needy little foot bitch. Disobedient Slaves get hard karate kicks to the face, and that’s exactly what he got. Maria demands his wallet and everything in it! He begs her not to take it all but she does, and It’s still not good enough! Maria is furious, and ready to kick his ass. After the scene ends, Maria threatened to use this clip to show his wife that he is a pathetic, cheating foot slave, if he does not comply. Her foot bitch emptied his savings, vowing to be eternally financially drained and used… or else. Mistress Maria loves when slaves behave….by choice, or F O R C E! There is a price to pay with any addiction! – Maria Jade Leaks Free Download