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27:07 min Full Video – Seducing and dominating married man Leaked Video We are coworkers. You are married man who has a reputation of a decent family man. I called you to my house making an excuse that I need you to help me fix my laptop. You are really shy but I behave very provocative. While pouring you tea I bend over in a provocative way making you blush. Then we sit down and I start a small talk. I complain to you about our boss who called me today in his office and told me that my clothes which I wear to work are a bit extra. I ask you what do you think about my clothes (tight top, tight skirt and stockings) and while talking about that I show off my curves. You become even more shy. Then I start asking you about your wife, how long you have been married etc. I wonder are you still sexually attracted to her after so many years together and by your reaction I can judge that you aren’t fully satisfied with her though you try to hide it and protect your reputation of a decent married man. I tell you my point of view: it’s bad to waste your precious life controlling your physical instincts and not being able to satisfy your desires. I go further and ask you do you find me attractive. You are confused and don’t know what to say. I tell you that since I don’t have a permanent boyfriend currently but have my physical needs, I turn on myself by not wearing panties when I go to work. At this point I open my legs and you can see my pussy under my skirt. You are shy to look at it but I encourage you to listen to your instincts and look there. Then I start talking about your wife. I say that though she is a good partner for you and understands you, she doesn’t excite you in a sexual way anymore. I emphasise why I exactly I am superior to your wife. I tell you that her unfit body and wrinkled face can’t be compared to mine and my sexual energy is much higher than yours. Finally I notice that your cock got hard and the shape is visible through your pants. I start rubbing it and now you can’t control yourself anymore. You are under my control now and I easily seduce you and call you to go with me to my bedroom. You are so weak and can’t resist and I start riding you. You are afraid to have bare sex but I tell you that I want to feel you all, you are mine. I ride tou while talking dirty and saying that now you will be addicted to be forever and when you return home to your wife you will keep thinking about me and finally seek a way to meet me again. You ruined your marriage, now you will be a cheater. You relationship with your wife will never be the same. I encourage you to cum inside me. You feel guilty and satisfied same time. I am happy that I succeeded in seducing you and tease you that from now you will not be able to stop thinking about me.

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