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[1.01 GB] FHD – Teacher Disciplined by Head Mistress – Cate McQueen (1080×1920)

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07:06 min Full Video – Teacher Disciplined by Head Mistress Leaked Video Detention is finished, but there is one more person that Head Mistress Cate McQueen needs to deal with.
The Geography Teacher, Mr Rogers, his class has the lowest grades.
Not only that. He has been administering excess punishment, which isn’t appropriate.
So, Headmistress Cate has an idea. Perhaps punishments should be for underperforming teachers.
Bending him over the desk, the starts by whacking him with his own belt.
But that’s just the start, she also has a metal rod.
The abysmal teacher is spanked with his own belt, and the harsh metal rod. Perhaps that will improve his performances. – Cate McQueen Leaks Free Download