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[3.69 GB] FHD – Long Painful Cum Extraction – Miss Isobel Devi (1080×1920)

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26:16 min Full Video – Long Painful Cum Extraction Leaked Video Watch me take my time and really torment this one into a puddle of filth. Four kinky scenes featuring ruthless cbt and ball busting. Scene One:

Caned Cock
This slave deserves all the punishments. Here he is hanging out, stretched, tied, and gagged, in the jail cell. Of course, he is horny as ever, which makes him just the perfect target for my nefarious needs. I start out with the crop, just toying around with him. I like to see the fear in his eyes knowing he will get more, much, much more, very soon. In fact, upon closer inspection I feel like it would be best to put some grill marks on this ball park weiner. The cane will do the job. Even better, two canes, because I am a lady who enjoys variety. The pig will suffer through it surely.

Scene Two:

“Cruel Cock Punishment”

I just cannot get enough of caning this pathetic little hotdog. He has the look of someone who should be punished until his hideous little appendage falls right off. Really the biggest reason I do not strike it right off is because I get such joy out of shredding it slowly with my sharp claws. Digging my pointed manicure into his weak soft flesh is a fine treat. Almost as fine as whipping it with my single tail. In fact, after a lengthy caning I am thirsty for a cock whipping. This lowly little creature is mine today and he is lucky if I let him leave with his appendage. I will not be satisfied until it is completely disfigured. He will suffer today, and he will be too sore to jerk off later; I will personally see to it.

Scene Three:
“Fried And Busted”
This unworthy piece of dirt is only good for one thing, providing a solid target for me to crack my whip at and kick with my big shiny boots. Indeed sinking my nails into his pathetic little balls and hearing the panic in his voice is just barely sweet enough for me to withhold from ripping them off and shoving them up his ass. Today he is hanging up to dry. The cage has been his lounge for a vicious cock whipping and it will remain so until I am done having mine. First the cattle prod; It is true rapture to watch him thrash and hear him howl after that brief “ZZZ”. So of course he gets two zaps, right to the testicles, before the kicks rain down on him. There are hardly enough bruises on this cock for my fancy.

Scene Four:

“Trampling The Cum Out”
I have had my fill of the whip and the cane, for now. It is time for a little change of scenery and perspective. Those balls are much too bulbous for my liking. They should be flat. First I have to tie his useless dick out of the way, then I can really destroy them under my heel. What is stronger, my platform heel boots, or his sack? My heels obviously. If he does not realize it now, he will be certain by the end of this game that his balls are inferior and will become any shape I want them to be. So when I finally extract the filth that has been filling him with so much arrogance, he will lick it all off my boots and thank me for making him a slightly less flawed beast. – Miss Isobel Devi Leaks Free Download