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[658.17 MB] FHD – Jerk to Alpha Feet FX SPIRAL – RebelleHart (1080×1920)

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12:20 min Full Video – Jerk to Alpha Feet FX SPIRAL Leaked Video SOUND ON! You are such a nasty little foot freak for my hot alpha boyfriend’s massive feet. Just one look at them and your beta dick is hard as a rock and throbbing. So, I thought it would be HILARIOUS to make you pay to jerk to his masculine feet while you listen to my sexy bratty voice humiliate you for it! Isn’t that funny? We think it is sooooo funny. In some of the shots, you can even see beads of sweat drip from his soles. Imagine how good that would taste landing in your inferior mouth, LOL!

You are going to get on your knees, naked in front of us, and worship the feet of a man better than you in every way, LOL!

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