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[872.35 MB] FHD – Temass Day 3: Send for the BDay Queen – LadyTemix (1080×1920)

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07:17 min Full Video – Temass Day 3: Send for the BDay Queen Leaked Video It’s December, the holiest month of the year, and all the world knows it. This is the Month where we celebrate the birth of your Dominant Queen, a Goddess on Earth, and on this, the third day of Temass, you are giving to Me. This is not much different from the rest of the year, except that now I expect even MORE. The gift of the season is Giving, and for all of December you will be giving to Me, the greedy Birthday Queen! Get this luscious clip and receive your instructions on how to calculate exactly how much of your holiday budget I’ll be taking from you this year! – LadyTemix Leaks Free Download