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08:02 min Full Video – Goddess Evy trains the slave Leaked Video Mrs Evy has been demanding a specific pair of shoes she wants.  Obviously the slave got them but not soon enough.  Mrs Evy is very demanding and knows that the slave needs some training since he is slaking and falling behind on his slave duties.  She puts on her new Marc Fisher pumps, with tan stockings and office outfit and walks in front of the slave so that he may hear her heels tapping the floor.  It is important for him to fulfill his duty as a slave and must learn to distinguish her unique step from that of other women.  When he is familiarized with her steps, she orders him to lay flat so that he can feel her heels and supreme power.  The slave is eager but what he doesn’t knows is that mrs Evy is not going to be nice with him.  She needs to break him so that he can relearn how to be her slave.  She starts to step heavily on his chest and stomach so that he can learn to distinguish the pain her heels cause.  He gets an erection that does not pleases goddess Evy as he must learn to behave.  She has not allowed him to do so.  Time for some pain, she steps full weight on him repeatedly and walks over him, trampling heavily his body with her painful platform heels.  The slave feels her power and weight and watches in awe as she continuously treads over him.  She is smiling in such a way the slave feels scared as he knows she enjoys watching him twitch under her heels.  He is ordered on his back and she repeats the procedure.  The slave is in pain as the thin heels shred his skin and goddess Evy tramples him repeatedly leaving painful heel and sole marks on his skin.  She steps of but now tries another pair.  He has to learn to distinguish her shoes and goddess.  This time it is with sexy Guess platform pumps with ribbed soles.  But before, she goes into the fridge and notices the slave’s meal.  Time for another lesson.  She takes the slave’s meal, drops it on the floor and tells the slave to lick his meal once she is done with it.  He needs to distinguish her shoe soles different flavors.  This new Guess pumps will have a distinctive taste.  One from her new business office which has lots of concrete dirt on her soles.  She grinds the sub into oblivion twisting and grinding it with her shoes, making sure that all the concrete and dirt gets soaked by the meal.  Once she is done, she leaves it there and orders the slave to perform a rug duty.  Her shoes are somewhat dirty now so they need to be properly cleaned.  She steps on the slave and continues teaching him the most valuable lesson:  always, always, always comply with what Goddess Evy demands. When she demands new shoes, they must be given no later than a couple of days after her request.  Her time is gold and it cannot be misused by waiting for something she requested two weeks ago. Your only duty is to fully satisfy her and you must always endure whatever she does to you, no complaints.  She carries on trampling the slave hard under her Guess heels while she cleans the soles. She even bounces a little on the slave so that he can feel those lovely heels he got her before.  Once she is done trampling all of his chest and back, she orders him to kiss her shoes goodbye as its time to leave.  Once gone, the slave eats his meal and takes a picture of his back just to show the goddess how many heel marks she left.  This is a reminder to him so that he will never forget his place is always under goddess Evy shoes! – Heelsgoddess Leaks Free Download