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[333.22 MB] FHD – You Are a Human Eye Roll – RebelleHart (1080×1920)

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11:51 min Full Video – You Are a Human Eye Roll Leaked Video I have to tell you a profound truth about yourself, beta. Everything that comes out of your mouth makes me roll my eyes. You are that how dull and pathetic. You are the human embodiment of an eye roll. It is exhausting reading your messages. You are just so cringy! My eyes get sore from rolling so far in the back of my head at you every time.

The only solution here is to punish you for being such an eye roll inducing loser and make you pay even MORE. Your money is the only part about you that doesn’t annoy me about you. So, if you want to keep on being my beta, you must keep up with your new financial demands.

From now on, spend so much more than you say, my human eye roll.

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