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[178.61 MB] FHD – Fart Slave Tryout – Talia Tate (1080×1920)

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06:06 min Full Video – Fart Slave Tryout Leaked Video *Preview is censored, purchased clip is uncensored*
After all the begging and pleading you’ve done for a position in my stable, I’m finally feeling inclined to put you to use. Or at least give you a little test to see just how useful you can really be. You love my ass and always talk about getting close to it, but today you’re going to serve one of the not so pleasant parts of my juicy derriere…or who knows, maybe you like inhaling the rank, dank gas that escapes hot girls assholes?! Come closer, let’s see…You’re going to bury your nose between my cheeks and sniff the noxious clouds that escape. My guts are going to rumble and churn and I’ll command that you open wide and use your mouth to vacuum seal around my hole so that I can blast my toxic air right down your willing and eager throat. You will smell and taste the farts I let out and how you perform will determine if I have interest in you beyond this interaction. – Talia Tate Leaks Free Download