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[1.40 GB] FHD – REELL – GIPFELFOLTER – DIE ZWEITE – KLEI – Cruel Reell (1080×1920)

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18:55 min Full Video – REELL – GIPFELFOLTER – DIE ZWEITE – KLEI Leaked Video Name: Kleiner Göll

Altitude: 1753

Duration: about 8 hours

Equipment: mountaineering boots, cane, bullwhip, whatever you need…

After we didn’t even get to the mountain at the first attempt due to a snowstorm, the series starts with the second mountain 😀 And this one was also really tough… Instead of the stated 3.5 hours of ascent, we fought our way up for nearly 6 hours – and not on the official ascent, no, we went up the steep slopes without climbing equipment, because we had long lost the trail markings in waist-deep snow 😀 But do not despair, because who else is rewarded with a real pillory on a mountain tour… (GERMAN CLIP) – Cruel Reell Leaks Free Download