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12:29 min Full Video – MLM Scam Findom Mindfuck Leaked Video I’m so glad you finally decided to meet with me! I have been making SO much money with my new job and I can’t wait to share it with you. Yes! That’s how I’m dressed so nice in the new clothes and fur coat too. Before we get to deep into things I want to get you nice and relaxed for me, then we can really work on business together. Oh yeah don’t worry there is no other motive here. Just look into my eyes.. listen to my soft voice and slip into a sleepy, agreeable, mindfucked state for me. That’s right just watch my body move and fall deeper and deeper under my spell. Yes just like that.. I am getting deep inside your mind and you are willing to do anything and everything I say. Perfect, now deep in your mindfucked state I can tell you all about my new job, and soon to be yours too! So I’m recruiting new people to join under me selling things, yes different products door-to-door online you know stuff like that. You really are so so lucky you get to join up and start bringing in even more people! Here is the very best part of all. You will get all your little pawns selling and you will be selling and working for me in my downstream, while 100%, that’s right 100% of your earnings are all going to me. You won’t even question it, you are way to deep into your mindfucked state. In fact anyone in your life who questions it, you will cut them right out of your life so you can focus more on earning money for my fantastic lifestyle. My body, my voice and my eyes make it impossible for you to resist becoming just another one of my mindfucked little earning pawns. This really is such a great way for you to fund my life isn’t it? Now go ahead.. just sign your life away right here on these papers.. then when I clap my hands you’ll snap out of your little trance and already be under my contract.. See I told you this was a great business pitch! Now go make me some fucking money! – AmberHaze420 Leaks Free Download