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[319.98 MB] FHD – My Slave’s Slave – JessiB (1080×1920)

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07:18 min Full Video – My Slave’s Slave Leaked Video You want so desperately to be owned by me, but what is it that you have done to gain the title of slave? You don’t contribute, you don’t spend, you do not offer anything to me. You just want and want with nothing to give. What part of that sounds worth it to me? None of it! You are useless, worthless, and of no use to me whatsoever. You have nothing to offer me, but I can still make use of you. You can serve my good and worthy slave, do whatever they want you to. My other slaves are so useful that they deserve to be served as well!

Instead of you worshiping me and thinking you can serve me, you will serve them instead. They need their cages cleaned? Guess whose mouth gets to do it! They have a disgusting task they need to complete, you get to help! You will serve them in any way they see fit because you are just not worthy of serving me.

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