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[538.72 MB] 4K – Mesmerized, Gooned, Stupid – QueenCarmella (2160×3840)

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13:00 min Full Video – Mesmerized, Gooned, Stupid Leaked Video These three seem to have a domino effect….I easily get you mesmerized and under my thumb, which results in your weakness and spiral into a goonathon. The gooning makes you very dumb, mindless, and stupid. They are all related, and always happen when you’re in my presence. You just can’t help yourself. You love these feelings and you practically beg for me to wash them over you again and again. All you need to turn the world off is me. The way I know how to speak to you, taunt you, tease you with my body….everything puts you in that vulnerable position, giving me leverage and making you dumb, stupid, and completely under my control indefinitely. – QueenCarmella Leaks Free Download