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[1.25 GB] HD – THE PERSONAL TRAINERS TABLES ARE TURNED – VL Productions (720×1280)

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14:38 min Full Video – THE PERSONAL TRAINERS TABLES ARE TURNED Leaked Video Vivienne has hired a PT to come to the studio to train her. He checks her fitness levels and watches pervily as she squats to his instruction. He is very rude to her and tells her that she she has alot of work to do and will need alot of sessions with him. Vivienne knows this is bullshit and won’t be spoken to like that. She wrestles him to the ground and puts him firmly in his place. She knows exactly what his game is. She strips him of his clothes and humiliates his cock whilst pinning him and screaming in his face. She pins him and sits on his face, imploring him to wrestle her off, but of course he is too weak. She scissorholds his head between her powerful thighs as she tells him how much of a weak man he is. – VL Productions Leaks Free Download