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[733.81 MB] FHD – Stroke Puppet Affirmations for Betas – FemdomAffirmations (1080×1920)

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14:25 min Full Video – Stroke Puppet Affirmations for Betas Leaked Video You’re my sexless little stroke puppet that I use for my own sadistic pleasure. If I tell you to stroke your dick, you will listen and stroke your dick. As my stroke puppet, you listen to every order and command I give you. You will not show any resistance to my orders. You’re my personal stroke puppet that I’m going to mentally corrupt and fuck over. How am I going to do that you might ask. Well, today I’m going to make you repeat some affirmations that are going to reform and rewire your brain into being a mindless little jerk zombie. That’s right. I’m going to turn you into my weak willed porn addicted stroke puppet that fucks his hand like a robot. Be a good little mindless stroke drone for me and listen carefully to my every instruction. You will repeat the affirmations I tell you to repeat to merge you into my mind fucked stroke puppet. Repeat after me as you stroke your dick. – FemdomAffirmations Leaks Free Download