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[1.92 GB] FHD – Swimsuit Rejection Tease – The Cupcake SinClair (1080×1920)

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13:40 min Full Video – Swimsuit Rejection Tease Leaked Video We’ve been friends for a while, but it’s a little creepy when everyone at school tells you to stop hanging out by my lockers.

You tell me you have a crush on me but..when you tell me this while hanging out by my lockers, it makes me wonder if you were also trying to get a peek of me naked! I feel double betrayed – I thought we were friends!

But now I have to give you a piece of my mind.

I was just hanging out with you out of pity. I’ll never be attracted to you – hell, you couldn’t get me wet if you pushed me into the school pool! And now I’m disgusted by you.

Stop begging, it’s even more pathetic. say you’ll do anything to stay in my life? I have a few ideas. First you can do my laundry…and my homework..and make snacks for when I finish with swim class. Maybe if you actually improve my life, I’ll even let you jerk off in front of me while I tease you with my shiny, swimsuit clad ass!

But you’ll never be able to touch me, let alone fuck me. That ship has sailed, and you have a long way to go for redemption… – The Cupcake SinClair Leaks Free Download