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[447.24 MB] HD – You wanted that i was taller! Giantess fetish – KateRoss (720×1280)

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10:12 min Full Video – You wanted that i was taller! Giantess fetish Leaked Video You need to pay attention to your new goddess. I got tired of hearing you say you wish my legs were longer, I was taller and my boobs were bigger. You thought I was kidding when I said I should be treated like you’re goddess. I was already perfect for any man. Any man except you.

You’ll learn from those mistakes.

Mmm, I could already crush you like a bug. But not yet.

You always played with my feet during sex. Said you wished they were bigger. How about now?

I can’t get enough. I need to be bigger,

I’m sure my feet have crushed you by now but what won’t they crush? Cities being demolished by my expanding toes. The eastern seaboard crushed underfoot. My tits like a rising set of suns! Oh god another growth spurt is coming. – KateRoss Leaks Free Download