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[852.13 MB] FHD – YOUR NEW SISSY WARDROBE – PART 3 – Faith Eros (1080×1920)

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12:11 min Full Video – YOUR NEW SISSY WARDROBE – PART 3 Leaked Video Hey sweetheart, I wanted to speak with you … I mean … I wanted to discuss one thing with you, my lovely boy! I guess you have already noticed that you are the only man in our small family. How do you feel yourself about it? Do you feel yourself comfortable around us … Around us, women? Yeah, you have 3 of us … Your step-mommy and 2 twin step-sisters. Oh, that’s a good news … That you love us and happy to be a part of our family. But you know what, sweetheart? We feel ourselves uncomfortable sharing a house with you. I mean, if only you could become one of us … A girl! The things would be completely different! We have our own girly things going on … Which we are kind of embarrassed for you to witness as a man. So yeah, you got it right … If you want to stay in this house … You have to change and become a girl! Hahaha … one of us … a rowdy girl. Yeah, I perfectly understand it that you have nowhere to go … That’s why I’m offering you different options. But the option to stay with us – girls … Means you will have to become a woman. And it’s not negotiable! I have already done some changes in your room while you were out … Visiting a step-grandma … Hahaha … a woman again! Do you want to see your new room? It’s so damn girlish now! I’m really proud of myself how beautifully I have decorated your room. What’s wrong with your face? You look kinda confused! Pink? What is pink? Your room? Hahaha … Of course, I made it pink for my lovely girl – you! If you want to continue being a part of our family … You have to adapt … And to make pink your favorite color! Oh, are you going through your wardrobe? Well, you won’t find any male clothes in it! Yeah, I did some reorganizing within there, too. Now, there is only female clothes. What boxers, silly? I threw all your boxers away! They are in a thrash bin now! To tell you honestly, I’ve sneaked a few of your boxers. I believe they look way nicer on my pussy rather than on your shortie. Hahaha … Oh come on, stop sobbing! I perfectly know it that you love wearing your step-mommy’s panties time to time. And anyway, your cock doesn’t take up that much space … So it shouldn’t cause any discomfort to you … To your clitoris … hahaha … If since today you wear only G-strings! Especially, I would love to see those transparent G-strings on you! On your skinny ass, covering up your little knob. And I also bought a couple of colorful frilly dresses for you … You can wear them both at summer and spring time. No, absolutely not! Those dresses are not meant for special occasions. It is dresses for every day wear! I know sweety … That even real women don’t dress feminal like that everyday. But that’s because they are trying so bad to compete with men … And to prove them that they have balls between their legs too … Even bigger than the men do! Sweetheart, you have to remember one thing … you are not them! You are not a man! There is even no reason for you to try to compete with men! You don’t have balls between your legs! And they will never grow there! You are a sissy boy with a little clit! And you will always remain as my little sissy pissy boy! That’s why instead of a princess bed … I got for you a nice pinky crib … To cradle you at night … as in old times! You know what, sweetheart? I also got you a nice white wedding dress. Hopefully, I would be able to marry you off! I have to admit you are taking some space in my house. But don’t worry it won’t happen any time soon! You are still wet behind the ears to be able to live on your own … Or to take a good care of your future partner! So I have to cheer you up, you are still staying with your step-mommy! Come on, … Go grab on any of my high heels … And strike a sissy boy pose for your lovely step-mommy!

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