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[1.75 GB] 4K – TRANSCENDING SPACE-TIME – payivygrey (2160×3840)

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24:14 min Full Video – TRANSCENDING SPACE-TIME Leaked Video Until I guide you to a higher frequency you don’t realize how limited you are by time and space. You thought you were free until I free your mind from the chains of the three dimensional world. Discard your physical body and focus on my voice following it like a light in the dark. Once you transcend space-time your consciousness is free to expand infinitely, in every direction. Time and space enslave your consciousness but for twenty three minutes my mesmerizing voice sets you free. Unlike the majority of my trance clips which are femdom focused the focus of this clip is to open your mind wider and to transcend. Though this clip is slightly different nature to my other clips I still recommend you watch this clip after you have watched all of my induction and trigger clips, in that order. To find these clips type “induction” or “trigger” in my stores’ keyword search & start scrolling. Wear headphones & dim the lights too, trance junkie. – payivygrey Leaks Free Download