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[1.26 GB] FHD – Mean findom – Princess_Monica (1080×1920)

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11:53 min Full Video – Mean findom Leaked Video You love sending money to beautiful women, and it turns you on. You are a human ATM that exists to give me money. I am going to drain your wallet dry and make you fall in love with me while I do it!
You’ve been doing it for years. But now you want more. You want to take your submission to the next level and become a submissive that is totally controlled by a beautiful woman. And not just any woman—a strong willed gorgeous female who knows what she wants and takes pleasure in draining your bank account at her own leisure! you’re a human ATM. You exist to give me money, and it turns you on, because I am a beautiful woman, I will drain your wallet until you have nothing left to give. I am the femdom queen who will make you feel like an insignificant little bitch who exists to worship and serve me. You are a simp beta boy and I am the femdom queen that demands all of your money. Are you ready to be my pay pig? I’m a bratty princess who uses her financial power over men to manipulate them into giving me everything they have in the hopes of receiving a few crumbs from my table in return – but don’t worry, if you’re lucky enough (or good enough), maybe someday I’ll reduce myself down to your level and let you touch me with those dirty little hands after all! – Princess_Monica Leaks Free Download