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06:26 min Full Video – God’s Law Leaked Video It is imperative that we come to an understanding about something absolutely fundamental. This isn’t a fetish thing, and this isn’t a kink thing. What I am about to say is a simple fact and needs to be accepted down to the core of your being. This fact is that I am superior to you in every possible way. I wear the title of “Goddess” and that is a title that I take very seriously. You and I are not the same. I am smarter, funnier, wealthier, more attractive. All of it. your very nature is simply inferior to Mine. As such, you have a moral obligation to accept My superiority. Whatever I do, say, or demand, it must be blindly accepted as good and true. If I tell you to send Me money, that is because sending Me money is what is best for you. you will not question this, but will blindly do as you are told and thank Me for My guidance. If I want you locked in chastity, serving as My cuckold, devoting all of your time and effort to Me, it will be done. And it will be done with an attitude of gratitude. I will be worshiped and adored. I am your God. I will be prayed to daily, and those prayers will be prayers of praise and thanks. This is how I have decided things will be, and therefore it will be so. – GodScarlette Leaks Free Download