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[567.65 MB] FHD – Mercys Merciless Jean Face Sit – Blazed Brat (1080×1920)

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05:51 min Full Video – Mercys Merciless Jean Face Sit Leaked Video I just got a new pair of jeans and they need to be broken in. “I like to use a slave’s face to break in my jeans” I say to the camera as this scene opens. I call my slave in who lays his head on the bench… a small solid surface bench. This is going to hurt!

I sit my ass on his face and the seam of the jeans crosses his head from his forehead down to his chin and totally crushes his nose. I grind my ass into his face and bounce and you can hear the slave suffering. I lift my feet up off the ground and onto the bench and now he is really getting the full impact of the denim. I then move into a sidesaddle position and this causes even more discomfort for the miserable slave. I accidentally let out a fart which causes the slave to try to pull away but he’s not going anywhere and gets the full impact of the gas. I stand up and the slave’s face is totally flattened, lol. I make him turn his head sideways and sit on it again. I spread my legs and you can see the slave’s face between my legs and see that he is in real agony. Finally, I lean forward and tell the slave to reach up to kiss my ass. I pull his face between my cheek and then grind it, shifting my ass up and down. Finished with him I look at my ass in the mirror and comment how amazing it looks while the slave is below me kissing my feet. – Blazed Brat Leaks Free Download