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02:14:19 hours Full Video – Weird and Narcissistic Prodom Full Version Leaked Video After so many years of doubts and uncertainties, Alessandro decides to give vent to his perversion of being subdued by a ProDom.

She welcomes him into the house paying him compliments marveling that he is a handsome man. Alex is visibly embarrassed but She, trying to put him at ease and excite him, starts kissing him passionately and touching him between his legs.

After a few minutes of kissing Alex has second thoughts; he gets embarrassed and tries to leave but she is proud, narcissistic and vain and can’t accept that a man resists her and so, she grabs him and holds him tight continuing to kiss him with a lot of tongue and rubbing on him.

Still embarrassed, in a pathetic tone, Alex continues to say that he wants to leave but she reminds him what he came for and then orders him to get on his knees: “Now you have to lick my boots… then, perhaps, you can leave ”.
Afraid but still very excited, Alex starts licking her boots… cleaning them… the back, side and soles while she continues to stimulate his cock.

“Do you have a tired tongue? Do you want to take a break?” She mocks him and with an ironic tone, while he continues to say that he would like to go home, she takes off his boots and urges him to smell her feet wrapped in stockings.
Closed in boots, her feet wrapped in stockings are hot and sweaty and vain and proud of herself, she wants Alex to fill his lungs with her smell.
He finally has what he came for and even though intimidated by this strong woman, he begins to sniff her feet in the wet nylon stockings of the mistress’s smell and while he sniffs one foot, with the other she continues to stimulate him between the legs.

Alex came just to be submissive at the feet of a beautiful woman and now he’s a little more comfortable and aroused. “You came for my feet, right? They drive you crazy, don’t they?” She takes off her stockings and he starts to smell the bare skin of the mistress’s foot.
Vain, she gets excited to feel his warm breath under her soles and between her toes and to reward him, with her beautiful bare foot, she continues to masturbate his cock touching it through his panties while she moans with pleasure.
She excited by the his passion, she mounts him on top of her rubbing and kissing him with a lot of tongue until she, hot, takes off her dress remaining topless.

Again embarrassed by her kisses and rubbings and by the derision that she continues to administer to him, Alex tries again to leave but she slams him to the ground, climbs on top of him and kisses him again and rubs; “Where did you think you were going? You haven’t finished your “work” here yet… go on: Lick !”
Arrogant and haughty, she wants him to lick her feet and this causes him an orgasm so, while Alex (afraid) starts to lick her feet, she masturbates him with hands and feet until he cums in his underwear between laughter of power and derision of her.

Although Alex has ejaculated, She is still not satisfied; she seems like she has “the more the more she wants” and so she throws Alex to the ground, pulls out his cock and starts jerking him while, however, she squeezes his neck between her legs.
He doesn’t like this game but with her hand working, he can’t help but get turned on and get it hard.

Excited by the situation and his humiliation, she now wants to enjoy too.
Exhausted by what he has suffered so far, Alex is unable to rebel and she sits on his face; she rubs her face trying to pleasure herself, fucking her and (inevitably) taking his breath away.
Proving to be the crazy she is, inexplicably feeling pleasure, she wants to give it to him too and so she alternates between fucking his face and sucking his cock until she cums on his face laughing and screaming with pleasure.

Finally, she enjoyed this session so much and was so satisfied that, with him still exhausted on the floor, she starts blowing him.
She sucks and massages his cock until it swells and when she feels that he is about to explode again, she approaches his face to look into his eyes and her hand gives him the “final act”; despite having already come before, Alex has a strong orgasm with a long and copious coming.  

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