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[1.23 GB] 4K – A Harmless Crush Pt 1 – TheQueendom (2160×3840)

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09:10 min Full Video – A Harmless Crush Pt 1 Leaked Video Holly has the BIGGEST crush on Domina Helena and unfortunately for Holly, Domina Helena knows it! Wearing a very sexy onesie with the tiniest of g-strings, Domina Helena takes a seat, looks Holly in the eye and says “I think I’m going to make you My toy.” Holly can’t believe her luck and quickly agrees! “Its good that you have a crush on me because I like to crush My toys!”

Domina Helena quickly pushes Holly down and clamps Her sexy, powerful thighs around Holly’s throat, gently and steadily increasing the pressure as Holly lays stunned and struggling to breathe. “Tell me how good that crush feels!” Helena shouts, climbing on top of Holly’s body as She moves into a beautiful reverse head scissor! As Holly’s face turns purple between Helena’s thighs she’s treated to a magnificent view of Helena’s incredible ass, but unfortunately for Holly she’s too busy trying to stay conscious to appreciate the view (we can appreciate it though!). Helena expertly works over Holly’s head, neck and body with Her beautiful scissor holds, eventually moving Holly down to the floor for more, relentless headcrushing!

When Helena has had enough of smooshing Her new toy with Her thighs, She decides its time for a little trampling next… – TheQueendom Leaks Free Download