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[1.03 GB] FHD – PROGRAMMING SLAVE CUCKOLD – Alex Kaminsky PAWG (1080×1920)

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15:14 min Full Video – PROGRAMMING SLAVE CUCKOLD Leaked Video Hello my obedient slave. Mistress Alex is talking to you right now. I urge you to turn on this video every morning, kneel down to watch this video, listen carefully to everything I tell you. You need to turn on this video before you go to bed and early in the morning before going to work. I will properly and reliably instruct you how to worship the ass of the Goddess Alex. You have been dependent on my big and round ass for a long time, you have not been fed for a long time, but now it’s time to worship the serf and pay. You watched the last video for many months, but I want you to watch this video for much longer. If you really truly worship my ass and are my worship slave, you must follow all orders. Unquestioning obedience, acting without thinking, your only goal for the year is to make me happy, and you will start it right now. You make my ass happy. Your own life no longer means anything, it has never been valuable. The only thing that matters is Mistress Alex’s ass. This is the best booty you’ve ever seen, you must be very sad that you can never touch her. You cannot believe that nature has given me this wealth. I know that you cry like a girl every time you hear my voice and see me, you are more like a pathetic worm. You are made to worship and live in my shadow. Do you really want to put your life and all your money in Mistress Alex’s control? This is really what you want. You are just a pathetic creature that is not capable of anything, you are unhappy and you will never have anything good in your life, there will never be mutual love. You know this and therefore choose to remain under the protection of Mrs. Alex, because only this can make you useful. I want you to keep crying as you listen to this, every day and every night. You will never fuck that gorgeous ass, I just won’t even notice you, you will never even touch that divine ass with your finger. If you love my ass for real, you have to put on a chastity belt. I will control all your orgasms, reject them if I don’t like your behavior. You can’t cum without my permission. You should never date anyone and have sex, this was not made for you. You are not worthy of a pussy or any female caress.

You’re a LOSER. cry for her ass. Many times I will create new MANTRAS and PRAYERS directly that you must say out loud to my ass. I want you to promise that you will not have sex and that you NEED to slowly hand over control of your bank account and weekly paychecks directly to me. This would make me want to make me happy ALWAYS. Even if you have nothing. I’m very serious about you giving me your bank account and also applying for credit cards for custom videos and for anything that I want. I will collect receipts for everything that you pay for and I will put them in custom videos for you to pray to because it went directly to my ass. I want to buy a very expensive car, so you should to make everything for make it real. I can easily take a control on your PC, and If I want, I can grab your money, make a mass message to your contacts and tell them about your dirty secrets. ohh how dirty you’re! I will start collecting your data and you will send me more information so that I will destroy and ruin your life if you ever disobey me. Now It’s time to kiss your screen, while you watching my ass. Kiss my ass imagine. (then laughing at me). Tthe closest that you will kiss MY ASS OR ANY ASS for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. THAT IS PATHETIC and SAD. WHAT A LOSER!

My BF is an ALPHA hot guy. I love him so much. He deserves my ass, pussy and mouth. He is superior than you. We both can fuck each other anytime that I like but you cannot. You are not allowed to fuck because you are a cuck loser who is obsessed by the PERFECT Ass of me. My boyfriend fucks my ass and I moan his name, I love it so much that he is my big alpha male, unlike you, you look like a pathetic cockroach. I will suck his cock while you watch from the corner of the room. PRAY TO THE GODDESS FACE WHILE I SUCKING COCK. YOU WOULD DO ANYTHING TO MAKE ME HAPPY, RIGHT? I’m so wonderful, awesome women. This is the only thing that you should think about.I want you to lick and kiss your wallet slowly similar to how I’m sucking the big cock. “Stick the Wallet down your throat, Loser. How does it taste. That money belongs to me now. You have nothing. I will take everything from you. I don’t care!” .I will continue doing custom training videos even if you cannot afford to pay your bills or rent.This all is very serious and REAL.I truly want you to dedicate your life to my ASS. It is the only thing that matters now. – Alex Kaminsky PAWG Leaks Free Download