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15:21 min Full Video – Normal Vanilla Sex Life Leaked Video You got into this kinky sex life and now all of the normal stuff just doesn’t really do it for you. I am going to help so things get better for you, I want to give you this girlfriend experience to bring you back into being normal. You can go ahead and start jerking off, I want to get you to focus on my pussy. You could lick my pussy, you could fuck me, you could kiss me and we could cuddle. It would be so perfectly normal! It would all be just so…plain.

After a while I think you’d get annoyed at everything being so normal and I would get annoyed too. You are just so average and plain that in a normal relationship it wouldn’t take long for me to cuck you. I would get so bored with you and would need to spice things up. A vanilla relationship would get boring. In fact, I think this is a bad idea so let’s try something else.

You could jerk to sexy women, naked women, regular porn. You could watch naked women taking big hard cocks from real men and try to jerk off to them. What if instead of what other people considered normal your normal was being a bitch? it isn’t watching men and women fuck, it is thinking of being fucked instead. You’d watch these men fucking and you’d be jealous. You’d look better, not by fucking the women, but if you got fucked by the men instead! I could fuck you myself!

Just look at me, now worship me! Instead of jerking off to vanilla porn you could worship me and my clothed pussy, you could worship my perky tits. You don’t need “normal” you need me and to worship me! Just look at yourself, you’re a loser. You are weak. Men like this do not live normally. Men like you do not think normally, so instead of trying to have a normal, vanilla sex life it is time to give up and accept that you are a loser that NEEDS to be cucked. A loser that has to worship clothed pussy and not to fuck them. This is where you belong.

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