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[833.54 MB] FHD – Cum Dumpsters Face Sat on Stairs – Blazed Brat (1080×1920)

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07:05 min Full Video – Cum Dumpsters Face Sat on Stairs Leaked Video Mistress Mercy, Goddess Rii and Temptress Sam come through the front door of the house and are pleased to see our slaves on the steps waiting for us. They slap the slaves balls as they climb the steps and then each sit on one of their faces. Sam at the bottom of the stairs sits in a forward position so she can look up at the other girls who are in reverse position. That gives her the perfect position to squeeze and twist Rii’s slaves balls. She shows great skill in multi-tasking though and not only wiggles on her slaves face but reaches down and squeezes his nipples too.

The ladies bounce on the slaves face and then sit until they kick for air. Eventually, they decide to let the slaves stroke their cocks and they say only one can cum and the other two have to lick up the mess. A real man would cum in seconds but these slaves all wail away until the girls decide none of them must want to cum because they’d rather lick up cum. “You can always tell which ones are the cum dumpsters” Mercy says. The girls all agree these slaves must love cum but eventually one of the slaves starts making animalistic sounds and then begs to cum. They tell him to cum and he shoots three big squirts of jizz and makes a real mess in the process. Time for the other slaves to perform – Blazed Brat Leaks Free Download