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14:02 min Full Video – Footmatized Affirmations Leaked Video You are totally footmatized for me, loser. I want you stroking and sending while you brainlessly repeat affirmations about your profound obsession with my perfect, bratty feet. Sexy feet are so much hotter than pussy, than sex. All you want are feet. You’ve become so submissive and mesmerized that you’ll do and pay anything I command. The more you stroke, the more you send, the more you repeat, and the deeper you fall into the footmatized state I’ve so intricately crafted for you, LOL!

Watch me in my adorable blue sundress, giving you tantalizing upskirt peeks at my white panties while I playfully tease and humiliate you with my beautifully pedicured feet. Isn’t it funny how you are so mind fucked, so helpless against my perfect little soles? How your perverted beta existence revolves around serving me and worshipping my feet? It is sooooo funny. I can’t help but laugh and giggle at your pathetic obsession. Your life, your mind, and your wallet belong at my feet.

As your adorable bratty findom, I get such a kick from seeing you squirm under my domination. My power over you is OBVIOUS. All it takes is one glance at my little feet and you’re clinging to my every word and command. Each mantra you recite pulls you deeper under my control, marking your servitude into your soul. Stroke, send, repeat – all under the mesmerizing pull of my perfect princess feet.

Now, get naked, get on your knees, put your footmatized dick in your hand, and repeat after me…

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