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[431.90 MB] FHD – Bratty Chastity Girlfriend Part 2: Caged and Cucked – RebelleHart (1080×1920)

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11:55 min Full Video – Bratty Chastity Girlfriend Part 2: Caged and Cucked Leaked Video ***Series Part 2 of 2. Part 1 is Bratty Chastity Girlfriend Part 1: Going to College a Virgin*** It’s school break and I’m really finding my bratty dominance. Chastity started as a way to keep you faithful, but I am really enjoying the power. Watching you get frustrated and desperate and having complete control from a long distance is hilarious!

I want you to get naked for me while I cruelly tease you and taunt you with the key. You’re swelling up inside the cage and leaking. You must be SO desperate to cum by now. Beg me to be unlocked…

It is so funny how you are still a virgin! EVERYONE gets laid in college. I don’t know how you lasted the entire semester. I only made it two weeks! I met a gorgeous guy with a HUGE cock and I’ve been fucking him the entire semester. The orgasms are amazing. I knew you weren’t huge but I didn’t realize just how tiny you really are until I met him. I can’t imagine fucking your little dicklet now! I’m SO glad we didn’t have sex before we left for college.

After a lot of thought, I’ve decided to keep you caged. I WAS going to let you out, but I like this new arrangement too much. Look, I know you’re upset about the cheating but in time you’ll learn my proper place as my obedient, chaste cuckold.

By the next break, you’ll be fully broken. If you’re resigned to your fate and are a good boy for me by then, MAYBE I’ll let you out for a quick wank if you PROMISE to go right back in the cage after, LOL!

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