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[2.88 GB] FHD – Bratty intern controls you – Nicolette Bloom (1080×1920)

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20:29 min Full Video – Bratty intern controls you Leaked Video How are you big “boss man”? Oh wait, I don’t care. Well I had just the best weekend. Partied, shopped, and had the most amazing sex with my hot boyfriend. So I’m a little tired. Really the only reason I came here today is because I invited my girlfriends here for lunch, so I’m going to need you to get us a few things. Don’t even think about any “real man” talk while they’re here. They know all about how you worship me and serve me. They think it’s hilarious that I get paid to come her and be your “secretary” when really I own you. They know I own your small cock and balls too. Oh and from now on, don’t talk to my boyfriend about “regular” guy stuff. No. When you know my boyfriend is coming here next, you know, for me to take care of his cock. I want you to ask to borrow his truck to help a friend out or something. And instead, go get it detailed and fill his tank. I want you serving him more directly now. Do you know he would beat your ass if he ever found out what we did? And you don’t want to mess up our little arrangement now would you? Of course not. No run along. I need coffee and I’ll text you the ladies’ lunch order. – Nicolette Bloom Leaks Free Download