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Let’s say you like to be dominated and humiliated, but you did not want to send tributes to these women doing it. You thought you were too good to send tributes or use mark up codes. You might think you are being frugal, but it means you are a dumbfuck. You are saying you do not need to give money, but you are a loser with a tiny dick and if you are NOT giving money then you are making yourself even more fucking useless.

You have no redeeming qualities, what do you bring to the table? If you’re not going to hand over money like this, then what do you contribute at all? A loser like you SHOULD be sending tributes. They should be using mark up codes. You have to find a way to make yourself useful, but it doesn’t seem like you’re even trying.

You should and will give me money, because without me you are nothing. No one else will ever compare and no one can get in your head the way I do, so it is better to stop being an idiot and give me the money I DESERVE so you can prove that you have a purpose and that there’s a reason I should stick around to make your life miserable! – Jessi B Leaks Free Download