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[278.49 MB] FHD – Your Back in My Claws – Jessi B (1080×1920)

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06:21 min Full Video – Your Back in My Claws Leaked Video When I sink my claws into your back there is no escape. I whisper over your shoulder, reminding you that you are a loser, that you are addicted, there is no escape. You can never leave. You know you can never salvage your self esteem, you can never get away from this, I will always be there in your head reminding you that you are nothing but a loser and that is all you will ever be!

Everyone thinks you are pathetic, no one wants to be friends with you, they are all using you and making you a joke! Do you want to be laughed at? Humiliated by those around you? You look so stupid, but no matter how you might want a life and friends you know that no one will ever want to be friends with you, that all you really have is me. I hold onto you and never let you go. You NEED me, you have no one else!

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