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30:58 min Full Video – HIJABI STEPMA GOT PREGNANT FROM STEPSON -ABORTION FANTASY P4 Leaked Video Step-sonny, love of my life, come here … to me … to your step-mommy! I have something to tell you … something very important. I mean … I guess you have already noticed my constantly growing belly … Well, it’s growing not because I changed my diet and started eating more … But because … because I’m pregnant from you step-sonny! Well, you got it right … I’m expecting from you, sweetheart! You are a step-dadder of my fetus! And don’t even try to pretend that you don’t understand what I’m talking about … You shameless step-son of a bitch … don’t tell me that you don’t remember … How you trespassed on your step-mommy’s immaculate body. You did it more than once, you did it plenty of times! Remember, you even have once confessed … That I turn you on more than all those next door girls from your school. That my mature step-mommy’s body turn you on more … Than all those young chicks from your uni. Those young bitches, they are blasphemous … They don’t wear hijabs, and they swear instead of doing a prayer! Those whores are so fucking profane … That you even can’t understand if they really love you or they are using you … Using your innocent boy’s soul, your innocent boy’s heart, your innocent boy’s cock! Your step-mommy is the only person to whom you can trust … To whom you can entrust your male reproductive organ! You were sure that she will never fail you … and you are still sure about it … Sweetheart, I didn’t fail you … and I will never fail you … That’s why I’m carrying your seed inside of me … inside of my uterus … Because I love you – my pious boy and I will never stop loving you! Those ungodly women, they don’t deserve you … They have absolutely nothing to offer you to be able to compete with your step-mommy – me! You are absolutely not interested in them … in your female peers … They sound too boring to you, and you are not excited by their unorthodox look! Bare skin doesn’t attract you … doesn’t attract holy boy – you! You consider it to be immoral when a woman shows too much skin … That’s why you are into your step-mommy … because she is a woman of a GOD. Her piousness made you attracted to her! Innocence and purity are 2 attributes of your step-mommy that turn you on unconditionally … You loved her a lot, very much … to the extent that you felt an urge to procreate with her! And guess what step-sonny? Now I’m pregnant … pregnant from you! And my belly keeps on growing days and nights, days and nights … Getting bigger and bigger until it pops out with our procreation! That’s what would happen in a perfect world scenario … But we are not living in a perfect world … So I’m not keeping your seed, step-sonny! I’m gonna abort it, the fetus inside my uterus will never see the sun light! And don’t even beg me to keep it … Step-sonny, it’s all your fault … you made a whore out of me … out of your step-mommy! You told me we gonna do it only once … you even gave an oath on the HOLY BOOK … But then we did it over and over again … until happened what happened! I trusted you – step-sonny, because you were a male member of my family … You told me that it’s way better if we do it without a contraception … As you are still a virgin so your cock is pretty sensitive … And a protective layer on your penis will forfeit you from getting pleasure … That the lousy condom will rob on the pleasure between your legs!

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